Ueda-tsumugi is the Japanese craft of silk cloth practiced in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture and it is recognized as one of the three major silk pongee of Japan.

Since the texture of Ueda tsumugi has the quality to last long, it used to be very popular among the masses people for many years from the Edo area.

Ueda-tsumugi is woven by 2 types of yarns with a weaving loom (Takahata) .
Silken threads (Ki-ito) whith is extracted and spun from silkworm cocons is used for wrap and pongee yarn (Tsumugi-ito) which is extracted and spun from silk floss is used for weft.
This technique makes glossy silk cloth with a unique knotted surface of pongee.

Due to strong outer material, it is also known as “Miurajima”. It means you can replace woven baking more than 3 times per outer material.